GBV : space

Spurring dialogue for a more just city


Engaging community

An environmental psychologist and artist, I bring the dual power of rigorous research and innovative creative practice to help communities and organizations create projects to increase visibility and engagement, often focusing on public space, housing, placemaking and community preservation. 


  • Project management + leadership
  • Community outreach and engagement
  • Public programs development
  • Applied oral history, humanities & urban research
  • Exhibit curation
  • Digital design & curation
  • Photography
  • Educational program design
  • Visual and written communication
  • Grant writing / fundraising

HOW I Work

I am available for short term consulting, public speaking, and teaching workshops. I can also work with you on long-term projects from fundraising and development to execution and public engagement. 



I am deeply impressed by Gabrielle’s creativity, flexibility of approach, and clarity of thought and communication, She is one of the most intelligent, quick-witted, and creative scholar/practitioners in the public humanities.
— Marci Reaven, New-York Historical Society
Gabrielle is one of the most unusual and brilliant young scholars I have ever met. Her work exudes creativity and intelligence. In addition to being a superb intellectual and artist, Gabrielle is also a wonderful colleague. She is reliable, organized, thoughtful in all senses of the word, and practical. 
— Susan Saegert, The Graduate Center, CUNY
When we worked on a divisive, long-term community planning process, Gabrielle’s partnership and collaborative exhibitions created new spaces for neighborhood conversation. She created peacemaking space.